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Created from enthusiasm to help individuals and businesses effectively sell their thoughts and ideas through in-depth research, premium content and enthralling stories, HINKSOUT is a writing and editing agency with over five years accumulated experience in content marketing, publishing, and communications. Drawing our expertise from years of assisting students, institutions, and organisations with academic and business reports, and creating engaging content for advertising and publishing firms, various writers and organisations have come to trust our writing and editing solutions. Selling your ideas through written communication depends on inbound-marketing insights and adequate knowledge of audience range, writing forms, and communication processes. We offer our top-notch services, always bearing these in mind.
HINKSOUT is an acronym for the business name, Hazel Inks and Outsourcing – a registered agency (RC: 2904547) that provides freelance and full-time writing, editing, research assistance, and consultancy services.

Due to the ever-rising content development needs across the globe, our writing and editing agency is dedicated to creating premium contents that help to sell the ideas of diverse individuals and organisations to target audiences all over the world. To achieve this, we have teamed up well-trained and highly-experienced content marketers, creative writers, editors, researchers, and copywriters, cutting across several scopes and types of writings that suit the needs of our clients. Members of our team are assigned projects based on their specialisations and are allowed to work hand-in-hand to ensure top-quality and efficient delivery.